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WaterLilly Studios Services

Get the support you need to scale with ease!

As an online business manager and time-freedom consultant, I manage your business operations and systems to help you streamline and simplify your day to day work. This gives you more time to focus on the work that is in your zone of genius, the work that you love to do!

I’ve helped my clients to achieve a work-life balance that fits their lifestyle, giving them the time-freedom and support to serve their clients amazingly and be home well in time to make dinner before enjoying a bath with a glass of wine, or relaxing with a good book; content with the knowledge that their business is running smoothly.

Do you need support with…

Simplifying your schedule to take back your time and have an organized plan of action. Prioritizing your tasks to know exactly what you need to do each week. 

Creating an ease-filled process for managing your clients and leads. Finding the right tools to support you and automate aspects of your client journey. Organizing what needs to be organized to make it simple to show up and serve.

Building your Kajabi site from the ground up. Setting up automations, sales pages, email sequences, forms, and more – whatever is needed to get you up and running with a streamlined set up. Or uploading content for course creation, assisting with graphics, masterclass creation, and more. Simplifying your Kajabi experience.

Walkthrough of which tools, programs or systems may best support you in your business growth. We are all on different levels, and I will help you find the options that fit your business best at the level you’re on now so that you can build a steady foundation as you grow.



For the business owner who wants short and sweet support. You want things to change but don't have a lot of time, and would like to get things done in a short, impactful, 60 minutes. During our calls you will receive the clarity, structure and support to take aligned action. You're ready to make your dreams of a freedom-based business a reality.

Wherever you need the most support, we will tackle it in our session.

What’s Included:
60 minute session
Options of multiple sessions per month (4 maximum)

  • This session will provide training on a particular topic and provide a solution to a problem you’re experiencing to bring more alignment, ease, and flow.
  • Topics have been: time management, task prioritization, simplifying systems, walkthrough of a program or software like Kajabi or FloDesk
  • Replay and recorded document (if applicable) of our session


For the business owner who wants a thought-partner, integrator, and systems queen on their team! You are all-in. Together we will dive deep into your business processes and bring out the best in you and your business.

In this co-collaboration, we will bring in structure, simplicity, organization, and support to help you stand out as the visionary, lead by doing what you love, and have more time to focus on what lights you up.

What’s Included:
Month to month OBM support

  • Custom implementation strategy for your business
  • Ongoing support, accountability, and consistent strategy and implementation
  • 2-4x 30 minute calls a month plus Voxer/Message support

Working with Kaitlyn was a dream. She is extremely professional, prompt, and genuinely cares about the success of your business. Unlike other OBMs, Kaitlyn demonstrates her adept knowledge of business processes, marketing, sales, and content – all while managing the day-to-day activities of your business. Highly recommended. If you need an OBM, look no further.



For the business owner who wants a thought-partner, integrator, and systems queen on their team part-time! Maybe you’re on a budget, need just a few touch points of support, or aren't ready for monthly support - it’s okay, I completely understand.
This is your opportunity to work with me part-time to bring out the best in your business systems. We will focus on what needs the most time and attention each month during our 2 weeks together.

Let’s dive deep into your processes to streamline, organize, and create structure with aligned support! Ready? Set, go!

What’s Included:
Month to month OBM support
Options of bi-weekly or 2 weeks back to back

  • Custom implementation strategy for your business
  • 2 weeks of ongoing support, accountability, and consistent strategy and implementation each month
  • 1x 30 minute calls a week plus Voxer/Message support


For the business owner who wants to do it themselves and take aligned action with supportive guidance. In this coaching program, you will align to a business that lights you up. Learn how to manage your time effectively to increase your flexibility and freedom in your schedule. Amplify your processes in your business to create structure, streamlined workflows, and be able to delegate to team members. Implement supportive systems to organize the backend, automate workflows, and more, so that you can focus on your zone of genius.

What’s Included:
Flexible monthly options to work together so that you have as much support as you need

  • Custom framework to help you align, plan, implement and organize in your business.
  • Personalized process to help you simplify
  • 2x 60 minute call monthly
  • Messaging and Voxer support with me throughout it all



Review current (or nonexistent, no judgement here!) systems and processes, identify problem areas, prioritize major problems, and clarify long-term goals and strategy.


Organize your timeline and map out upcoming milestones and tasks. What is most important to tackle?
We will review what to expect and prepare for. Break down and simplify your goals.


I will implement the strategy by working through tasks, setting up systems and streamlining. We will communicate and review priorities weekly to ensure we are on the right track.


Having found a process that works, we will record it and create standard templates to follow to ensure quality and consistency. Rinse and repeat these 4 steps to keep you moving forwards!

Kaitlyn was a Godsend. It was crunch time when I reached out to her. I needed someone to help guide me through the online course process, email marketing and bringing everything together. I was loosing sleep over trying to set this up, raising a family and making sure that nothing went wrong. Kaitlyn saved the day! I am so thankful for Kaitlyn’s patience, attention to detail and professionalism. I will not hesitate to use her service in the future.