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Welcome to WaterLilly Studios – I’m Kaitlyn!

With over 9 years of experience in the customer service industry, I knew my calling was to help others. I started my business WaterLilly Studios so that I could use what I learned in order to help others thrive. I wanted to create something that was completely my own and to inspire other passionate business owners just like you!

Hey, I’m Kaitlyn, an online business manager (OBM). I believe it’s important to have someone you can turn to for kindness, patience, and understanding. I am here to reduce your overwhelm, simplify the chaos, and bring you back into alignment with what you love.

I believe we should work to live, not live to work. Working in retail opened my eyes to a lot of practices that aren’t in alignment with having a freedom-based lifestyle. You’re expected to be working all the time, you’re encouraged to hustle more, and even if you try hard and do your  best, you can be denied a raise and you’re stuck at the mercy of someone else.

Running your own business is tough. It has its ups and downs. You’re doing a lot of it by yourself and some days you wonder if it’s worth it.

In my opinion, it is worth it.

The time-freedom and flexibility that comes with it. The ability to learn new things, be creative, put yourself out there, and doing what scares you every day, is pretty freaking amazing.

Let’s put an end to burnout and hustle culture, and build sustainable, freedom-based businesses. Who’s with me?

I can highly recommend Kaitlyn! She has been a dream to work with!


I’m so excited to get to know you and your business goals and help you scale with ease!